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Mezza Luna Wine List

WhitePinot Grigio, Ruffino Lumina Glass$10Bottle$40
WhitePinot Grigio, Santa MargheritaGlass$14Bottle$56
WhiteChardonnay, Estrella Glass$9Bottle$36
WhiteChardonnay, Josh Cellars Glass$11Bottle$44
WhiteChardonnay, Kendall Jackson Vintners Reserve Glass$11Bottle$44
WhiteChardonnay, NewtonGlass$13Bottle$52
WhiteSauvignon Blanc, Oyster Bay Glass$11Bottle$44
WhiteSauvignon Blanc, Kim Crawford Glass$12Bottle$48
WhiteReisling, Frisk Winery Glass$10Bottle$40
WhiteNon-Alcoholic Chardonnay, FreGlass$7Bottle$28
RedChianti, RuffinoGlass$9Bottle$36
RedChianti, Frescobaldi Nippozzano ReservaGlassBottle$49
RedChianti, Ruffino Riserva Ducale Tan Label Glass$15Bottle$60
RedChianti, Ruffino Gold Label GlassBottle$120
RedMerlot, Fetzer Glass$10Bottle$40
RedPinot Noir, Mondavi SelectGlass$11Bottle$44
RedPinot Noir, Rodney Strong “Russian River”Glass$12Bottle$48
RedPinot Noir, MeomiGlass$14Bottle$56
RedPinot Noir, BraviumGlassBottle$70
RedCabernet Sauvignon, Fetzer Glass$10Bottle$40
RedCabernet Sauvignon, Josh CellarsGlass$12Bottle$48
RedCabernet Sauvignon, Beringer Knights ValleyGlass$15Bottle$60
RedCabernet Sauvignon, Napa Cellars GlassBottle$70
RedCabernet Sauvignon, Trinchero “RBV”GlassBottle$125
RedMalbec, Ruta 22Glass$13Bottle$52
RedCabernet/Sangiovese Blend, Banfi Col Di Sasso ToscanaGlass$12Bottle$48
RedBarolo, BatsaioloGlassBottle$100
Blush and Bubbles GlassBottle
Blush and Bubbles White Zinfandel, Beringer Glass$10Bottle$40
Blush and Bubbles Rose, Josh Cellars Glass$12Bottle$48
Blush and Bubbles Prosecco Rose, Josh Cellars Glass$12Bottle$48
Blush and Bubbles Moscato, Ruffino Glass$12Bottle$48
Blush and Bubbles Prosecco Split, Zonin Glass$12Bottle
Blush and Bubbles Champagne Split, Cooks Glass$10Bottle
Blush and Bubbles Asti Spumante, Martini & Rossi GlassBottle$40
Blush and Bubbles Grand Brut, Perrier Joet GlassBottle$105
Blush and Bubbles Dom Perignon GlassBottle$300

*We apologize for the inconvenience, but the Mezza Luna Restaurant has adopted the policy of not re-corking and sealing wine bottles to be carried out.*

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