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Mezza Luna Dessert Menu

Warm Chocolate Molten Cake

Moist chocolate cake with a delicious warm chocolate lava center. Served with powdered sugar & a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.
$12 GF


An authentic Italian delight. Ladyfingers moistened by espresso with creamy custard on top.

Homemade Cannoli

With real ricotta filling.
Plain $8 | Chocolate-Covered sell $9

Limoncello Marscapone Cake

Limoncello cake filled with mascarpone cheese

Italian Spumoni

Made especially for us, a huge 12 oz. Slice of dutch chocolate, pistachio nut, strawberry & fruit filled ice cream, combined in a sweet graham crust, topped with claret sauce & whipped cream.

Grapenut Pudding

Homemade and delicious served warm and topped with whipped cream.

Crème Brulée

Delicious vanilla custard covered in a caramelized sugar and topped with whipped cream.

Carrot Cake

With cream cheese frosting.

New York Supreme Mile High Cheesecake

a tall classic cheesecake on an Italian cookie crust with strawberries

Triple Chocolate Fudgy Wudgy Cake

chocolate cake with chocolate fudge & chocolate frosting topped with ice cream

Ice Cream Favorites

vanilla, chocolate, or espresso ice cream
Small $6 | Large $8


Chocolate, Vanilla or Espresso Ice Cream topped with whipped cream and a cherry
crème de menthe parfait made with green crème de menthe

Kids Italian Ice

blueberry, cherry, or watermelon

Birthday Cakes

serves 4-6

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